Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

These are my last two weeks in Nunavut. Due to medical reasons I'm moving home to be closer to my family doctor. Life here hasn't always been easy for me, or for us as a couple. It was hard for me to adapt to the cruelty that is done to dogs here. During our time I was offered to work in a position of authority over dogs and laws (you can guess what it is), which I accepted. I can now look back and be proud of the dogs and pups that I saved and relocated to homes in Yellowknife and other southern cities such as Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, I even sent a pup to a farm on Vancouver Island. When I first started this blog I had a woman, a southern woman somewhere in Nunavut tell me there was nothing I could do about the dogs. She said if I did anything people would shun me and drive me to flee the town or worse! I thought she was smoking some good BC ganja but then she carried on with this. She said my blog was too risque and that her RCMP husband had a problem with it. Oh no, I'm so sorry this is risque, obviously you haven't had much of a life then if this is risque to you and lady it's a blog, get over it. Geez I thought to myself, what a weak cowardly woman. I felt sorry for her and I still do. If you still read this lady I hope that one day you will posess the same integrity that I have, and if you want to change something for the better, guess what....YOU CAN!
I have to say I've never particularily been fond of Cam Bay, don't hate me I'm from BC, and it really is Beautiful British Columbia. I miss my organic coffee at the beach and I actually miss the rain and we don't have bugs aka mosquitos in summer(unless your in Chilliwack). What I have been fond of is the friendships and people who have touched my life here. I hope that I will see them again. There are some amazing people here and I will treasure every friendship I've made here.
Good Bye Nunavut.