Friday, January 21, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

These are my last two weeks in Nunavut. Due to medical reasons I'm moving home to be closer to my family doctor. Life here hasn't always been easy for me, or for us as a couple. It was hard for me to adapt to the cruelty that is done to dogs here. During our time I was offered to work in a position of authority over dogs and laws (you can guess what it is), which I accepted. I can now look back and be proud of the dogs and pups that I saved and relocated to homes in Yellowknife and other southern cities such as Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, I even sent a pup to a farm on Vancouver Island. When I first started this blog I had a woman, a southern woman somewhere in Nunavut tell me there was nothing I could do about the dogs. She said if I did anything people would shun me and drive me to flee the town or worse! I thought she was smoking some good BC ganja but then she carried on with this. She said my blog was too risque and that her RCMP husband had a problem with it. Oh no, I'm so sorry this is risque, obviously you haven't had much of a life then if this is risque to you and lady it's a blog, get over it. Geez I thought to myself, what a weak cowardly woman. I felt sorry for her and I still do. If you still read this lady I hope that one day you will posess the same integrity that I have, and if you want to change something for the better, guess what....YOU CAN!
I have to say I've never particularily been fond of Cam Bay, don't hate me I'm from BC, and it really is Beautiful British Columbia. I miss my organic coffee at the beach and I actually miss the rain and we don't have bugs aka mosquitos in summer(unless your in Chilliwack). What I have been fond of is the friendships and people who have touched my life here. I hope that I will see them again. There are some amazing people here and I will treasure every friendship I've made here.
Good Bye Nunavut.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Helpful shipping websites if you live in Nunavut

It's been a while, but we've been busy. We've enjoyed a beautiful summer full of vibrant flowers, warm days and annoying mosquitos. I'm working now and when I'm not working I'm usually playing with one of our four dogs. Yeah FOUR, I know it's totally CRAZY! If someone would've told me I'd have 3 dogs I would've said never, and now with 4 I almost can't believe it myself. Also I've been able to save some dogs. One of the hardest parts of living here was seeing how dogs are treated here. Not all are treated poorly but a lot are and I'm happy to say I've made a difference and plan on continuing to do so with my time here.

Anyways since our year anniversary of moving to Nunavut is coming up I thought I'd share the websites that have made my life easier since we started this journey last September. So here they are: Lands End was always my Moms favourite, but hey they ain't so bad and if you sign up for their weekly email, you'll most likely get free shipping and 10 to 40 percent off. Thank you Norma for this site. If you like Christmas and going crazy with the decorating, check this US website out...You can order a damn tree and it's 17.00 flat rate shipping!! My X-Mas lights just came. Awesome stuff. Need a toothbrush, toothpaste, chocolate or laundry detergent? You can get it here and free shipping and a Flare subscription if you spend over a certain amount. If I remember correctly these guys have a 5.00 shipping fee. Who doesn't love their satsuma body wash? Old Navy ships in Canada, free shipping over 50.00 and you can NOW shop online. I love Costco, I miss shopping at Costco but we still visit them online. Free shipping on most items. Our air purifier has so far been the best purchase we've made. Serious mud dust up here in Cambridge Bay. I love to cook and miss my visits to the Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver but I'm sure glad I stumbled upon these guys. If you spend 150.00 they'll cover 20.00 of shipping, to Cam Bay it was 14.00 for a box of great, way too hard to find in Nunavut spices. I like Amazon, some like Chapters but I find Amazon ships pretty damn quick. Really do I need to say anything....It's Victoria Secret. Thank god they ship to Nunavut. My husband wanted me to post Best Buy for their free shipping. Hello Cuisinart, I love their stuff. Just ordered a new mixer from them. Free shipping!!!! I love ebay when I'm down south and I love it when I'm up north! Not really my style but its free shipping! Hi Free shipping!!! This site has purses and all sorts of stuff.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loving the Light and Wedding Pics.

Well after a few months away we've returned to the relaxing slower pace of Cambridge Bay. As well to the all day all night light, which I LOVE! I feel energized all the time with this light, and have no problem sleeping. While we were down south we tied the knot in Secret Cove at Rockwater Resort, which is next door to where we live in Halfmoon Bay. We had a wonderful wedding, and all the crazy crafting paid off. Heres some photos of our Special Day...ENJOY!

Here's a shot of Ralph, our ringbearer just before he went down the aisle.And here he is taking one of my bridesmaids down the aisle.
You wouldn't think it but these are Nike Air Pumps made by Cole Haan, but really they ain't as comfy as a sneaker.

I worked with our local florist to come up with some vivid, bright, LOCAL flowers and provided our mint julep cups which kept costs down.

Special K and I found these unique vintage goblets with an arctic scene etched in them. We had them cleaned up by our silversmith, and they were stunning....for goblets.

Miriam Haskell from New York, had these puppies made for ME! Thank you Joy!

Watching a slide show prepared by my friend Dar. Thanks Dar!
Our favourite place to kiss, Pier 17.

Here's some votives. I embossed them, well 160 of em. The glow was the perfect amount of light needed. I probably burnt myself 160 times too!

We danced to Dean Martins "Ain't that a kick in the Head"
Under the Apple Tree....Ralphs favourite place in hot summers.

Pier 17, Davis Bay....I love this shot.
Our friend Steph made our cake. I asked for Hazelnut Chocolate and she did an awesome job!!!

My bridesmaids, Shannon, Kassy...Maid of Honor Michelle, Jillian and Andy.

Wanna know how to drive yourself insane?....Handstamp 100 programs, 1 stamp at a time.
I got these done in a week.

Heres Ralphy again.
Another way of driving yourself insane is making tissue flowers...I made 80. I was making these before we came up North.
My flowergirls....Braelyn, Juli and Madison.
My Mom, Shannon, Andy and Kas.The Bridal Party.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Weather to Wild Weather

Here are a few shots of the weather we've had down here.....

And the stormy weather which I love just as much as the sunny weather we've had.
But it was a wild one. The wind was so strong against the side of my car I couldn't get my door open. Heres a few shots of that...

I've never seen the ocean so and rescue were out in helicopters searching for distressed boats...Trees falling...I had a branch hit the side of our house so hard I thought the roof was coming down. Power was out..The dog was afraid of the roaring ocean....but I loved it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing the North

Its amazing beautiful day here in North Vancouver. I've spent the last week with a friend I've known since I was 2. It's been a rewarding visit. It feels like yesterday we were building tree forts, playing barbies and giggling about boys. I also have to admit I miss the North, but mainly for the fact here I feel swamped with things to do, not only with our wedding but just in general. Taking Ralph to a pet store we use to go to turned into an event, not only was Ralph taking things off the shelf, the owners couldn't believe he was 4 already. Stopping for sushi turned into a parking space pursuit, which lead to some road rage. The driving here is insane and my visit here has confirmed what I already knew, that I never want to live in Vancouver again. The North Shore when I was growing up was pretty clean (not so much anymore)and with Grouse Mountain and the Burrard Inlet, its a beautiful place. Just a little busy for me. It's lower lonsdale area is turning into a mini Yaletown and once where a house once stood, now a condo stands. My visit to North Van has been great, not only did I catch up and have some quality time with an old friend, I think this visit down south will make me appreciate the North a little more than when I left.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Loving The Weather Down Here

Hey all. Wow, I'm so happy to be home. I miss Special K and all but damn I needed a break. I have been enjoying my visit home enhanced by visits from friends who have hopped on the ferry from Vancouver to come spend some time with me. On friday night my friend Michelle came over and I took her to one of Special K's and my favourite places in Gibsons; Smittys Oyster House. We devoured some Oysters Rockerfeller then Michelle had some Halibut fritters, while I had poached halibut. I must mention I've been in my sandals everyday since returning, its damn beautiful weather here.

Heres some pics...

I love this old building, an old ship building shop.

Fresh Oysters!!!!

The Poached Halibut

Halibut Fritters

The view to Trail Islands from the Backyard.

Ralph enjoying his vacay too!

Ralph at our favourite spot, Sargeants Bay.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Hey all. I arrived home in Vancouver yesterday just in time to witness Olympic mayhem, which was actually awesome. I say that being someone who was not excited to see the Olympics come to town, I lived below the Eagleridge bluffs in West Van at the time. Whenever they blasted for the new highway, stuff would fall of the walls. Anyways I've gotten over my hate of the games and turned it to love. YVR was crowded with people in Red and White, and you get that I'am Canadian feeling. People were singing "OH CANADA" everywhere you went. Its a good feeling and I'm glad to be here to witness the end of it.

The weather here is AMAZING! The apple and cherry blossoms are out in full swing, I couldn't have picked a better time to arrive. It sure was nice to walk Ralph with just a sweatshirt and not a parka on. My friend had her toque and mittens on, and I kept saying it's so warm! Like its sandal weather here. I'm going to keep this short because I want to get outside and enjoy every bit of this I can. Happy March all!!!!