Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas, Inuit Art and PMS

The weather here has been pretty mild at -9. We've had a bit of snow in the past few days and after reading some of the blogs we follow we are pretty lucky with these mild temperatures. Though I have found myself missing home lately. Especially at this time of year with the back to back commercials reminding us soon Santa will be here, the colourful strings of lights hanging in windows and that feeling that I want to decorate my tree. So yesterday I had a bit of a cry and called my father. My Dad couldn't understand what I was saying and got me to calm down and take big breaths and I was finally able to tell him I was having a bad day. Special K and I are different in the way of friends and family. I'm attached and need the emotional talking bonding feeling ways of those relationships. He doesn't need that from his. So when I start missing mine he doesn't get it or he takes a weird approach that I can't even explain. Anyways Christmas when I was growing up was a big deal, not in a religious sense more in a family dinner everyone gets together way. It was a big deal and my family went overboard on me every year. Since my parents aren't together I'd wake up at one house do the stocking thing, have breakfast, open presents and then go do it again at my other parents house. This would usually happen in the evenings as well I'd go and be with one side of the family then I'd go to my other side. I was spoiled completely rotten. I was lucky. Towards my teens my moms side moved to Kelowna and around that same time my other Grandmother was in the mid stages of alzheimers disease. Soon after mom moved to Japan, Dad worked Christmas and I was lucky to have friends like Kas, Dar, Andy and Kari let me crash their family Christmas parties. So no matter what I've always had that Christmas feeling on Christmas day. So yesterday with the daylight lacking and PMS in full throttle I had a big cry fest. Special K didn't apparently grow up with the kind of Christmas spirit that I did so he honestly doesn't get it so it was hard for him to be symathetic and thats why I had to call my Dad and got me over the feeling sorry for myself stint I was on. So yeah I'm all good now and some things you have to sacrifice and these are one of em. I miss my Salamagundi stocking stuffer store in Gastown. An old antique store with a basement full of old chinese medicine cabinets filled with different trinkets from funny as hell stuff to beautiful ornaments to just damn strange. I was about to say I miss the shopping but really as I think the one thing I really hated was the line ups and the busy overcrowded malls so I won't even go there. We thought we'd find some inuit art to send home for Christmas here and off we went to the Christmas bazaar which happened to basically be a bunch of white people selling stuff. I picked up a few things and K was like ummm thats says made in China on yeah. The next time the door to door guy comes I'll take a look at his stuff. I grew up with a mother who collected inuit art and as a child the paintings were scary to me. I didn't understand why my Mom liked them. This group of 3 paintings done by the same artist had owls and different birds that had these dark freaky looks in their eyes. I really didn't like them and I actually remember asking my mom why she liked them and that they were weird and she should take them down off the wall. The same went for the sculptures, but things have changed and now even I'am liking the darkness that some of the sculptures show. Still not liking that kind of art that my mom had hanging up. Freaky looking bird, actually the more I think about it the person who painted it may have been trying out some of the good ole acid of the 60's and 70's, as I speak to a friend on the phone now she just referred to one of the paintings as the acid trip owl. Oh there goes the daily siren marking noon. Anyone remember the airhorns in North Van they put in for the cold war? They lined up and down keith road...they took them down 15 years or so ago but its the same chilling sound of a war siren and it reminds me of when they'd test them when I was a kid. Awful sound. So I wrote my mom this morning asking her to bring bonsai supplies back this spring, as I've decided to learn about bonsai plants and actually take the time in cultivating one. I miss my garden big time. I also miss my neighbours Nikee and the kids. Its funny I actually miss hearing her two youngest practice playing whatever brass instrument that was that they attempted playing. I also miss hearing the girls stories from elementary school and miss b.s'ing with my best neighbour ever, Nikee. I do like it here but I do look forward to spending some time in my backyard listening to those waves crashing against the bluff. Can't wait.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreams and stuff

Have I ever been having some weird dreams. Partly due to my mix up of reading my prescription wrong, I'm just guessing. I had a dream that I was with My Aunt and Uncle, Tracy and Paul and I was like 8 and their dog Fred (Fred passed away ten years ago) was there and so was Ralph and we were in a mall and apparently there was aliens invading...yeah..and I was more concerned with the dogs being off leash in a mall than aliens invading...Then another dream of swimming around a lake and I know it was a bizarre dream I just can't remember all the details. Last night was another weird dream, it was also scary but I wake up just so weirded out by the dream, it was no longer scary it's just I was downtown in the Eatons department store and its been gone for a LONG time now. So after I fell back asleep from that dream I woke up from another one that something bad happened to Special K and my friend Kas was there with blue hair. BIZARRE! I just got off the phone with my Doc in North Van and she thought the dreams were brought on by the mix up. Also she figures thats why I'm feeling sick today. I woke up feeling ill and extremely tired. So yeah...exciting stuff eh? Anyways I'm not up to much today, I even denied Ralph his morning walk. I'll have to take him out before 2 so that at least he gets a bit of a run. Oh and as for the lump, it is a reactive lymph node. So I'm feeling better about that. Anyhow since I'm feeling under the weather I'm going to sign off and hope all of you have a great weekend. Also I will leave you with some pics of Yellowknife. One of the pics is the giant beaver skull that once lived in the Yukon Basin, I can't believe how big the skull is! You can compare it with our regular sized beaver skull in the background. Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello all. Yellowknife was good. We arrived finding weather that reminded me of BC winters. The snow was falling but it was nice and warm. We ended up switching hotels and had a great stay at the Explorer Hotel, not only was the service there excellent the hotels restaurant Traders Grill was delicious and while you sit in a sultery dim lit atmosphere you view out over snowcapped trees. We shopped for things like kidney beans, chick peas and dog food. While we were there I decided it was best that we find a vet since Ralph had been cleaning his penis so much that it was bleeding:( Poor guy. I figured that the vet would tell me what I already knew, hot compress with some hibutane, and a topical cream for the healing and he said exactly that. For those of you who don't know my german shepherd Ralph he has had a few trips to the vet over the past 3 years for issues with his private parts. Three years ago he managed to impale himself on his butt on Christmas Eve. Then this past summer I decided to have him neutered. His scrotem was so swollen the vet took pictures saying I've never seen anything like this before. Special K and I were told to hot and cold compress his jewels, and as well to massage them to increase the blood flow which would aid in his healing. This time the vet said Ralph has very sensitive skin and the climate change had made his stuff very dry, hence the licking. Anyways hes doing better now and theres no more bleeding.
I want to touch the subject of religion one more time as I've read the comments on my last blog. To each their own. I said I was shocked, and I'm human and from a liberal family and from a big city. As well I'm not dissing anyone. I have read up on the history as I'am a history buff and understand how Religion has shaped these communities, in both negative and positive ways. As well I'm not a guest here as this is home now. As for the rapist dude and his victims I wish them the best in rehabilitation. As a victim of rape myself I feel for the women who may have to face their offender one day. I can't imagine that. As for locals reading my blog I welcome that it doesn't worry me one bit. While waiting at the airport a man took an interest in Ralph and Ralph took an interest in his wolf boots. We spoke a bit about our dogs and my experience here and about how he hunts still with a harpoon and I told him about K's and my background and my love of history of this area. We boarded the plane and we find the three of us are sharing the row. He recommended the Prince of Wales Museum in Yellowknife to me and how the main exhibit was the 'We were so far away' exhibit which is about the residential schools program. We had a great time talking with whom I will call 'J' and 'J' is married to the woman who said grace at the event that inspired my last blog. Anyways I need to walk the dog and myself. Hope everyone is having a great day oh and a Happy Birthday to Shannon! HAPPY 30TH!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Religion and Rapists

Yay today is the day we go to Yellowknife! Well I hope we do, the plane hasn't been able to leave for the past few days due to the blizzard we've had. I'm looking forward to Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and the Dollar Store. I'm so excited to get a few things that we can't get here and that would be too much of a pain to have someone send up. I've been looking at online flyers, writing lists, and taking notes on everything I need to make sure we have it before we get on that plane to come home. We are picking up our Canada Goose jackets, YAY! My Northface jacket has been fine but I'm looking forward to having a thicker coat with a big hood to protect me from those -36 windchills. This week has been different. Not in a bad way, it's just opened my eyes up to this life in a hamlet that I'm living in. I'm very much enjoying it but there are a few things here that are completely strange to me. One is religion. I've noticed that a majority of the caucasians in this town are extremely religious. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that. I'm down with all religions but I do not agree with forcing religion on anyone. My mother was all about culture and learning about different cultures and religions. The woman moved to Japan because she loved the culture! She raised me to be open to all religions, and to respect others beliefs. We went to this charity event this past weekend which was for the daycare in town. The candidate for mayor who was speaking said "all rise" and Special K and I glanced at eachother as she started to say grace. Special K closed his eyes and followed along but I couldn't help but wonder what if someone wasn't Christian here, someone like me and apparently most of our table was not. I want to make it clear I'm not hating on religion. I have friends that are catholic, buddist, jewish, jehovah witnesses and islamic. I'm not offended just bewildered that she didn't choose her words well and welcome all faiths at dinner that evening. Later Special K said he didn't care and that at a work conference they had to pray at a water treatment center, and I was like what the @$%#! Again not hating just shocked. Another odd topic about this place is how apparently theres a convicted rapist returning home to Cambridge Bay. This guy broke into 4 houses and assaulted 4 people in 2003/2004. His last victim escaped him by running outside barefoot, yeah in December, in the nice chilly arctic snow, after he held her down with a butcher knife. Like ok why is he being released? Our justice system is lacking. This community is small and the chances of the victim, who yes is scared about her rapist returning to town, is going to run into him. The bank, the post office, or maybe in an aisle by herself in one of our two grochery stores. Can you imagine? I'm just appauled and adding a security alarm on to our list for when I hit Canadian Tire. I've heard about the triple homicide here and the poor mountie who was gunned down in recent years. Also about the gas huffing that goes on behind our hotel and the homemade brewing operations of the locals because a 60 pounder of rum sells for $300 illegally. For those of you that I haven't informed yet...You must apply for a permit to get alcohol here. Which is a good thing since drunk people tend to do stupid things. Trust me I know, I've done a few stupid things when I've been drunk. Okay I will rephrase that I've done stupid things when I've been drunk. Anyways for those of you who are wondering why I haven't called or wrote you our power, phone and internet has been on and off due to this blizzard. I will get in touch once we return from Yellowknife. I'm so looking forward to this trip. I really want to check this town out, it may be where we move to after our adventure up here. From what I saw when I was there last its a truly beautiful place. Oh yeah and I'm a substitute teacher now. Hilarious I know. Oh and I've finished my X-Mas shopping for Special K, and once again I've got him some awesome hilarious good stuff. I must say thank you Ebay. Anyways I should pack or try and take the dog for a walk since our flight leaves in a couple hours HOPEFULLY!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hmmm what to write about....Well yesterday was Remembrance Day so I had my grandparents on my mind. My Grandmother Caroline, went against her father and joined the RCAF when the war broke out. She told the story that she went and enlisted and was about to get on the train from Vancouver to Montreal when her father showed up. She heard his voice shouting out her name so she ran and hid in the ladies washroom, in a stall, perched up on the toilet. He eventually ran into the ladies washroom and when he saw no sign of her left. My grandmother nearly missed the train but she ran kicking off her shoes and she managed to jump on the train. She said it was the best thing she ever did in her life. My other Grandmother Ione, it would've been her birthday yesterday. She passed this past year and my Grandmother Caroline passed 5 years ago. Both of my Grandfathers were in the war but unfortunately I was not as close to them as I was to my Grandmothers. I do have my Grandfathers mug, darts and binoculars from WW2 along with the buttons to my Grandmothers air force uniform. We live in a great country and I'm glad they fought for our freedom. That Hitler guy had major issues. I still cannot believe people followed him and that there are still nutters out there that believe in Hitler. We recently watched Band of Brothers, a series which I had not seen. Its one of Special K's favourites and I saw why. If you haven't seen it I recommend you do. It's the best WW2 series made. Today I had my appointment at the hospital to find out what the heck this thing is under my collar bone and they don't know so they are sending me to see a doctor. So I have an appointment next week. I'm not going to lie, I'm actually scared now. I thought they'd be like oh its okay, and I'm wishing I would've noticed this thing before I left Vancouver so that I could see a doctor today. Anyways I'm having a beautiful morning. Ralph and I just had a nice walk and we were followed by a sweet husky puppy which I just wanted to bring home with me but Ralph has this hate on thing for puppies. Ralph barked furiously as the creamy fluff ball approached with his tiny tail wagging. He was just SO CUTE! So I have an interview for a good job here today and thats what I'm looking forward to, and also Special K returns this evening after being away for 4 days. Thats all for today. I hope everyone out there in blogland is having a great day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Caribou Antler Lamps

Hey all. It's friday and I've just returned from walking the dog on this chilly -26 day. I'm completely tired and I think its due to drinking too much tea before bed and having a very restless sleep, so as of today there'll be no more tea in the afternoon or night. I also think I should buy Special K and Ralph the Dog some of those nose strips, you know the ones that stop snoring because seriously one snores than the other. At one point I was trying to figure out who's snore was who's, than I just gave up and eventually fell back asleep to wake again and this time I just got up and made coffee and pancakes. For the rest of the day I've just been fumbling through it. One of those days where instead of putting the milk back in the fridge I'm sliding the box of Raisin Bran into the door and putting the milk in the cupboard. I've tried to have a nap but I'm not much of a day sleeper so I just ended up forcing myself to take the dog out. Now I thought I'd write something so that my friends and family know I'm all good, just a little retarded as usual.

So today while kind of in my own twilight zone Special K calls and says the movers screwed up and our stuff is underweight, not overweight. They had said our stuff was 4700 pounds when actually it was 3700 pounds, their bad, and our stuff will be on its way to Edmonton next week. So I'm quite happy, because I wanted all of our stuff and it saves us and our friends back home time. Special K was having our friends go return the stuff we had bought at best buy and ikea, and it was just so complicated and retarded. Anyhow its all good now.

So this week Special K will be traveling to a few different Northern Communities to look at some projects. So I've decided while he is away I'm going to make something. I have this idea, of making a lamp out of caribou antlers...yeah yeah I know I'm strange. But really like a chandelier sort of lamp. I have a picture in my head and I'm gonna run with it and make us a caribou antler lamp. I see so many antlers laying around this town I'm sure someone can spare a few. I know that usually electricity and I don't mix well but until I have a job I have to have something to do.

Speaking of jobs in this town, my god I've already had like half a dozen offers and they are good offers. Like substitute teaching, government jobs and well paying at that. Yesterday I went to the hospital because as I was sitting down having my coffee I felt a lump in around my collar bone, and at first I thought it was my collar bone moving so I totally freaked out and was like GROSS!!! Then I realized it was a lump and I was still like GROSS!!! So we headed over to the hospital. I've had cervical cancer and I was just rechecked and I'm all good now but when I find a lump the size of one of those bouncy balls you'd get in a .25 machine as a kid, I freaked. The nurse on call and our neighbour(Kelly)was awesome and started telling me how I should come work at the hospital and then I met the head nurse and she was like yeah come work here we need people. Back to the lump, she said its most likely a lymph node doing something funky and that I shouldn't be worried but we will re-check the situation in a weeks time. I have to say that was seriously the nicest hospital I've ever been in, everything was brand new and state of the art. Oh and there was no line up.

Tonight is our friday night out at the Elk Lodge. I'm looking forward to it since its the one night of the week I don't have to cook and I'll get to ask, well more like harass our new inuit friend Gary about helping me get some antlers to make a lamp out of. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a damn crazy southerner already, wait till I tell him my lamp idea:) Oh and I have to say a Happy Birthday to my how do you put this my x stepmom Lorraine!! I hope you have a good birthday and that you guys do something special for it. I will leave it at that and ya'all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Out on the Tundra Pics

Here are a few pics from our venture to the plains of the Arctic. We ended up seeing muskox, cariboo and an arctic hare which Ralph took a liking to and chased the hare until we couldn't see him anymore. Thankfully Ralph became tired and gave up chase and came back.

Flu shots and Cariboo

Hello all. Yesterdays crazy blizzard has gone leaving us with a beautiful sunny day. Thank god. I tried to go out yesterday and made it about 3 blocks until I slipped and fell on my butt and the camera went sliding down the icy street. After that I decided to come home and cuddle with Ralph till Special K came home. So yesterday wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.
This morning Special K and I went and had our H1N1 flu shot and our regular flu shot. I was kind of afraid of having the shots since I haven't had a flu shot since I was in my early teens but Special K reassured me and so far so good. The nurse said I may experience some pain in the arm that the H1N1 shot went into but I have none as of yet.
Now I'm just waiting for Special K and one of his bosses to come get me. They are apparently taking me to see some Cariboo and maybe some Muskox, and over to the historical side of Cambridge Bay that I'm dying to see. Roald Amundsen an explorer of the arctic, known as the first to traverse the North West Passage. One of his ships lay shipwrecked across from where I'am. Now the ship at the time it had sunk had been bought by the Hudsons Bay Company and was no longer in Amundsens possession, but it was once his, therefore I need to go see it. The Maud was her name when Amundsen had her. Amundsen is known for his openmind and immersed himself with the Inuit culture and learned arctic survival skills from the Inuit. He must've been a very interesting man to talk to.
A few of our friends have inquired on what the daylight is like here, so every morning we lose I think 15 minutes of light and same with the evenings so like right now its 1:30 and the sun looks like its going to start setting soon. It will be completely dark here by 4. Some have inquired about our house, its hopefully going to be finished by the first week of December and I love our house. As soon as its done I will post pics! I'm enjoying our stay here at the Green Rows Executive Hotel. We have a housekeeper here and its quite nice and strange. I'm so use to cleaning up after myself and doing stuff and they won't let me. Very nice people.
I also have to say I went out with one of Special K's friends from work. Carla and she is awesome she took me to this Partylite/ Epicure? party, where Imet a wonderful group of ladies who filled me in on some of the town gossip and tid bits of things I should know if I plan on living here a while. I do love it here and can see us staying here for a long time. The Arctic is the last frontier and I'm loving it.