Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flu shots and Cariboo

Hello all. Yesterdays crazy blizzard has gone leaving us with a beautiful sunny day. Thank god. I tried to go out yesterday and made it about 3 blocks until I slipped and fell on my butt and the camera went sliding down the icy street. After that I decided to come home and cuddle with Ralph till Special K came home. So yesterday wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.
This morning Special K and I went and had our H1N1 flu shot and our regular flu shot. I was kind of afraid of having the shots since I haven't had a flu shot since I was in my early teens but Special K reassured me and so far so good. The nurse said I may experience some pain in the arm that the H1N1 shot went into but I have none as of yet.
Now I'm just waiting for Special K and one of his bosses to come get me. They are apparently taking me to see some Cariboo and maybe some Muskox, and over to the historical side of Cambridge Bay that I'm dying to see. Roald Amundsen an explorer of the arctic, known as the first to traverse the North West Passage. One of his ships lay shipwrecked across from where I'am. Now the ship at the time it had sunk had been bought by the Hudsons Bay Company and was no longer in Amundsens possession, but it was once his, therefore I need to go see it. The Maud was her name when Amundsen had her. Amundsen is known for his openmind and immersed himself with the Inuit culture and learned arctic survival skills from the Inuit. He must've been a very interesting man to talk to.
A few of our friends have inquired on what the daylight is like here, so every morning we lose I think 15 minutes of light and same with the evenings so like right now its 1:30 and the sun looks like its going to start setting soon. It will be completely dark here by 4. Some have inquired about our house, its hopefully going to be finished by the first week of December and I love our house. As soon as its done I will post pics! I'm enjoying our stay here at the Green Rows Executive Hotel. We have a housekeeper here and its quite nice and strange. I'm so use to cleaning up after myself and doing stuff and they won't let me. Very nice people.
I also have to say I went out with one of Special K's friends from work. Carla and she is awesome she took me to this Partylite/ Epicure? party, where Imet a wonderful group of ladies who filled me in on some of the town gossip and tid bits of things I should know if I plan on living here a while. I do love it here and can see us staying here for a long time. The Arctic is the last frontier and I'm loving it.

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