Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello all. Yellowknife was good. We arrived finding weather that reminded me of BC winters. The snow was falling but it was nice and warm. We ended up switching hotels and had a great stay at the Explorer Hotel, not only was the service there excellent the hotels restaurant Traders Grill was delicious and while you sit in a sultery dim lit atmosphere you view out over snowcapped trees. We shopped for things like kidney beans, chick peas and dog food. While we were there I decided it was best that we find a vet since Ralph had been cleaning his penis so much that it was bleeding:( Poor guy. I figured that the vet would tell me what I already knew, hot compress with some hibutane, and a topical cream for the healing and he said exactly that. For those of you who don't know my german shepherd Ralph he has had a few trips to the vet over the past 3 years for issues with his private parts. Three years ago he managed to impale himself on his butt on Christmas Eve. Then this past summer I decided to have him neutered. His scrotem was so swollen the vet took pictures saying I've never seen anything like this before. Special K and I were told to hot and cold compress his jewels, and as well to massage them to increase the blood flow which would aid in his healing. This time the vet said Ralph has very sensitive skin and the climate change had made his stuff very dry, hence the licking. Anyways hes doing better now and theres no more bleeding.
I want to touch the subject of religion one more time as I've read the comments on my last blog. To each their own. I said I was shocked, and I'm human and from a liberal family and from a big city. As well I'm not dissing anyone. I have read up on the history as I'am a history buff and understand how Religion has shaped these communities, in both negative and positive ways. As well I'm not a guest here as this is home now. As for the rapist dude and his victims I wish them the best in rehabilitation. As a victim of rape myself I feel for the women who may have to face their offender one day. I can't imagine that. As for locals reading my blog I welcome that it doesn't worry me one bit. While waiting at the airport a man took an interest in Ralph and Ralph took an interest in his wolf boots. We spoke a bit about our dogs and my experience here and about how he hunts still with a harpoon and I told him about K's and my background and my love of history of this area. We boarded the plane and we find the three of us are sharing the row. He recommended the Prince of Wales Museum in Yellowknife to me and how the main exhibit was the 'We were so far away' exhibit which is about the residential schools program. We had a great time talking with whom I will call 'J' and 'J' is married to the woman who said grace at the event that inspired my last blog. Anyways I need to walk the dog and myself. Hope everyone is having a great day oh and a Happy Birthday to Shannon! HAPPY 30TH!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Poor Pup! Our oldest has some dry spots too. This weather is as brutal on them as it is on us. Was it Great Slave Animal Hospital? We use them for our vet service and they have a great Kennel

  2. Yes it was Great Slave Animal Hospital. They were great!and having us on such short notice was awesome. Ralph is a clutz and has allergies so we are use to seeing our vet on a regular basis. As I type this he is chewing on his dry spots. I picked up some doggy moisturizers and I will test them out today. Thanks for your comments Tammy I totally appreciate them!

  3. Hey Hun....glad your need to call me!!
    I wouldnt worry about people reading your blog either. If anyone is offended by what you are saying then they clearly are not reading everything you wrote (its very clear you were not trying to offend anyone).
    Anyhow....CALL ME WOMAN! Love ya lots and glad Ralph has you....if he didnt, who else would massage his balls and stroke his penis! LMAO!!!!