Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Religion and Rapists

Yay today is the day we go to Yellowknife! Well I hope we do, the plane hasn't been able to leave for the past few days due to the blizzard we've had. I'm looking forward to Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire and the Dollar Store. I'm so excited to get a few things that we can't get here and that would be too much of a pain to have someone send up. I've been looking at online flyers, writing lists, and taking notes on everything I need to make sure we have it before we get on that plane to come home. We are picking up our Canada Goose jackets, YAY! My Northface jacket has been fine but I'm looking forward to having a thicker coat with a big hood to protect me from those -36 windchills. This week has been different. Not in a bad way, it's just opened my eyes up to this life in a hamlet that I'm living in. I'm very much enjoying it but there are a few things here that are completely strange to me. One is religion. I've noticed that a majority of the caucasians in this town are extremely religious. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that. I'm down with all religions but I do not agree with forcing religion on anyone. My mother was all about culture and learning about different cultures and religions. The woman moved to Japan because she loved the culture! She raised me to be open to all religions, and to respect others beliefs. We went to this charity event this past weekend which was for the daycare in town. The candidate for mayor who was speaking said "all rise" and Special K and I glanced at eachother as she started to say grace. Special K closed his eyes and followed along but I couldn't help but wonder what if someone wasn't Christian here, someone like me and apparently most of our table was not. I want to make it clear I'm not hating on religion. I have friends that are catholic, buddist, jewish, jehovah witnesses and islamic. I'm not offended just bewildered that she didn't choose her words well and welcome all faiths at dinner that evening. Later Special K said he didn't care and that at a work conference they had to pray at a water treatment center, and I was like what the @$%#! Again not hating just shocked. Another odd topic about this place is how apparently theres a convicted rapist returning home to Cambridge Bay. This guy broke into 4 houses and assaulted 4 people in 2003/2004. His last victim escaped him by running outside barefoot, yeah in December, in the nice chilly arctic snow, after he held her down with a butcher knife. Like ok why is he being released? Our justice system is lacking. This community is small and the chances of the victim, who yes is scared about her rapist returning to town, is going to run into him. The bank, the post office, or maybe in an aisle by herself in one of our two grochery stores. Can you imagine? I'm just appauled and adding a security alarm on to our list for when I hit Canadian Tire. I've heard about the triple homicide here and the poor mountie who was gunned down in recent years. Also about the gas huffing that goes on behind our hotel and the homemade brewing operations of the locals because a 60 pounder of rum sells for $300 illegally. For those of you that I haven't informed yet...You must apply for a permit to get alcohol here. Which is a good thing since drunk people tend to do stupid things. Trust me I know, I've done a few stupid things when I've been drunk. Okay I will rephrase that I've done stupid things when I've been drunk. Anyways for those of you who are wondering why I haven't called or wrote you our power, phone and internet has been on and off due to this blizzard. I will get in touch once we return from Yellowknife. I'm so looking forward to this trip. I really want to check this town out, it may be where we move to after our adventure up here. From what I saw when I was there last its a truly beautiful place. Oh yeah and I'm a substitute teacher now. Hilarious I know. Oh and I've finished my X-Mas shopping for Special K, and once again I've got him some awesome hilarious good stuff. I must say thank you Ebay. Anyways I should pack or try and take the dog for a walk since our flight leaves in a couple hours HOPEFULLY!


  1. Haha....as always, your blog has entertained me for a few min min of my day lol. I hope you have a blast in Yellowknife...although Im not sure I like the remark about moving there after your adventure in cambridge bay....?!??!?!?!? Your supposed to come back home...at least to HMB!!!!! We will talk about this later lol
    Are you going to get your Knorr soup while there or do you still want me to send it? Um and FREAKY about the rapist!!! Who allows a rapist to return to the small town in which he committed his crimes??? THAT IS FUCKED UP!!!

    Anyhow...miss ya like nutso....I so wish I could see you! Its killing me you being gone! God..now I sound like some obsessed person.... hmmmm I did learn about stalking from the best ;) heehee

    Have fun in the place you are not going to move to next haha....love ya and call me when your back!

  2. you and I are definitely related! I feel the same way about that occassional blind eye to all other religions that some people who have a specific faith take on. Why can't everyone just get along.

    Sounds like Cambridge Bay could use some good social workers. Having that seemingly strong Christian presence in town can't be particularly comforting for the majority of the First Nations community up there if one were to think of the likely unintentional perils that culture was put through at the hands of the Christian faith.
    I'm trying to be as diplomatic as possible - can you tell!

    Miss you lots! Can't wait for you to visit! How's the foster parenting progressing? I'm excited for you!

  3. Religion is an important aspect to our community as well. I've been to a great number of events where there has been a prayer and/or the Lords Prayer recited. I believe that some local people find solice in the stability that religion brings to our little Hamlet. I really don't complain or say much as I'm a catholic as well, (albeit not a practicing one). If I had to guess (and it is just a guess) I would say that a good number of Inuit up here are of the Christian/Catholic faith however they do have their own strong beliefs and traditions that have followed them throughout their entire life.

    Glad to see things are falling into place for you in Cambridge, and hope you had fun shopping in Yknife.

  4. Whoa! Maybe a little history reading of the local area could help you understand the powerful forces of colonization/religion and commerce that have helped shaped present day attitudes of the locals in the place you now temporarily call home. You are a guest here. Locals may well read your blog.

    And a rapist in the community. Gasp! Wake up and smell the coffee burning or on a gentler note put those rose coloured glasses in your pocket. Best of luck.

  5. indigo...maybe you can suggest which history book to read? You did not mention a suggestion in your comment.