Friday, November 6, 2009

Caribou Antler Lamps

Hey all. It's friday and I've just returned from walking the dog on this chilly -26 day. I'm completely tired and I think its due to drinking too much tea before bed and having a very restless sleep, so as of today there'll be no more tea in the afternoon or night. I also think I should buy Special K and Ralph the Dog some of those nose strips, you know the ones that stop snoring because seriously one snores than the other. At one point I was trying to figure out who's snore was who's, than I just gave up and eventually fell back asleep to wake again and this time I just got up and made coffee and pancakes. For the rest of the day I've just been fumbling through it. One of those days where instead of putting the milk back in the fridge I'm sliding the box of Raisin Bran into the door and putting the milk in the cupboard. I've tried to have a nap but I'm not much of a day sleeper so I just ended up forcing myself to take the dog out. Now I thought I'd write something so that my friends and family know I'm all good, just a little retarded as usual.

So today while kind of in my own twilight zone Special K calls and says the movers screwed up and our stuff is underweight, not overweight. They had said our stuff was 4700 pounds when actually it was 3700 pounds, their bad, and our stuff will be on its way to Edmonton next week. So I'm quite happy, because I wanted all of our stuff and it saves us and our friends back home time. Special K was having our friends go return the stuff we had bought at best buy and ikea, and it was just so complicated and retarded. Anyhow its all good now.

So this week Special K will be traveling to a few different Northern Communities to look at some projects. So I've decided while he is away I'm going to make something. I have this idea, of making a lamp out of caribou antlers...yeah yeah I know I'm strange. But really like a chandelier sort of lamp. I have a picture in my head and I'm gonna run with it and make us a caribou antler lamp. I see so many antlers laying around this town I'm sure someone can spare a few. I know that usually electricity and I don't mix well but until I have a job I have to have something to do.

Speaking of jobs in this town, my god I've already had like half a dozen offers and they are good offers. Like substitute teaching, government jobs and well paying at that. Yesterday I went to the hospital because as I was sitting down having my coffee I felt a lump in around my collar bone, and at first I thought it was my collar bone moving so I totally freaked out and was like GROSS!!! Then I realized it was a lump and I was still like GROSS!!! So we headed over to the hospital. I've had cervical cancer and I was just rechecked and I'm all good now but when I find a lump the size of one of those bouncy balls you'd get in a .25 machine as a kid, I freaked. The nurse on call and our neighbour(Kelly)was awesome and started telling me how I should come work at the hospital and then I met the head nurse and she was like yeah come work here we need people. Back to the lump, she said its most likely a lymph node doing something funky and that I shouldn't be worried but we will re-check the situation in a weeks time. I have to say that was seriously the nicest hospital I've ever been in, everything was brand new and state of the art. Oh and there was no line up.

Tonight is our friday night out at the Elk Lodge. I'm looking forward to it since its the one night of the week I don't have to cook and I'll get to ask, well more like harass our new inuit friend Gary about helping me get some antlers to make a lamp out of. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a damn crazy southerner already, wait till I tell him my lamp idea:) Oh and I have to say a Happy Birthday to my how do you put this my x stepmom Lorraine!! I hope you have a good birthday and that you guys do something special for it. I will leave it at that and ya'all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Antler lamps...soooo you...I think it's a great idea..and it's a little odd to think of us as southerners.. Do you have a permanent address yet, if so can I get it and I'll send you some de-caf tea and nose strips..