Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreams and stuff

Have I ever been having some weird dreams. Partly due to my mix up of reading my prescription wrong, I'm just guessing. I had a dream that I was with My Aunt and Uncle, Tracy and Paul and I was like 8 and their dog Fred (Fred passed away ten years ago) was there and so was Ralph and we were in a mall and apparently there was aliens invading...yeah..and I was more concerned with the dogs being off leash in a mall than aliens invading...Then another dream of swimming around a lake and I know it was a bizarre dream I just can't remember all the details. Last night was another weird dream, it was also scary but I wake up just so weirded out by the dream, it was no longer scary it's just I was downtown in the Eatons department store and its been gone for a LONG time now. So after I fell back asleep from that dream I woke up from another one that something bad happened to Special K and my friend Kas was there with blue hair. BIZARRE! I just got off the phone with my Doc in North Van and she thought the dreams were brought on by the mix up. Also she figures thats why I'm feeling sick today. I woke up feeling ill and extremely tired. So yeah...exciting stuff eh? Anyways I'm not up to much today, I even denied Ralph his morning walk. I'll have to take him out before 2 so that at least he gets a bit of a run. Oh and as for the lump, it is a reactive lymph node. So I'm feeling better about that. Anyhow since I'm feeling under the weather I'm going to sign off and hope all of you have a great weekend. Also I will leave you with some pics of Yellowknife. One of the pics is the giant beaver skull that once lived in the Yukon Basin, I can't believe how big the skull is! You can compare it with our regular sized beaver skull in the background. Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. That picture of Ralph on a chair looks like a painting, had to let you know.