Friday, March 19, 2010

Missing the North

Its amazing beautiful day here in North Vancouver. I've spent the last week with a friend I've known since I was 2. It's been a rewarding visit. It feels like yesterday we were building tree forts, playing barbies and giggling about boys. I also have to admit I miss the North, but mainly for the fact here I feel swamped with things to do, not only with our wedding but just in general. Taking Ralph to a pet store we use to go to turned into an event, not only was Ralph taking things off the shelf, the owners couldn't believe he was 4 already. Stopping for sushi turned into a parking space pursuit, which lead to some road rage. The driving here is insane and my visit here has confirmed what I already knew, that I never want to live in Vancouver again. The North Shore when I was growing up was pretty clean (not so much anymore)and with Grouse Mountain and the Burrard Inlet, its a beautiful place. Just a little busy for me. It's lower lonsdale area is turning into a mini Yaletown and once where a house once stood, now a condo stands. My visit to North Van has been great, not only did I catch up and have some quality time with an old friend, I think this visit down south will make me appreciate the North a little more than when I left.

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