Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Costco

On saturday we went back into Vancouver and hit costco again, this time buying food. We also bought 2 hockey bags to load it all into and they're so awesome, they even have wheels on em! Mr K or actually Special K was told he can bring 6 bags with a maximum weight of 70 pounds so yeah we are heading back to Van to get more stuff and hockey bags. We also hit my favourite sewing store Dress Sew Supply and got some black vinyl to make some blackout curtain blind things and the fabric for our wedding napkins. I'm pretty sure I will be kept busy while Special K is at work.
Today we are heading back to Costco. See I drive a vw golf and theres quite a bit of space in there but when you put 40 pounds of pancake mix, 20 pounds of rice, 3 large boxes of cereal, a dozen cans of tuna, 6 flats of green giant canned veggies, 4 boxes of dehydrated mashed potatoes, 1 massive tub of beef stock, a crazy amount of chicken noodle soup, 100 pound german get the picture. So theres a point where we can't buy anymore because theres no room in the car and we have to travel by BC Ferries which ain't cheap but Special K says it cheaper than renting a truck.... So today we go in again! Yay! I'm actually totally excited because we're going to Ikea! Today we plan on getting some more food and some kitchen gadjets like a garlic press, and you know wooden spoons and some other handy kitchen tools since I want to keep what we have in our kitchen here so that when I come back in a few months I won't be searching for like a knife when I go to dice something.
We also hit our storage locker in Vancouver which has quite a bit of kitchenware that my grandmothers both had so I've swapped out some stuff from my kitchen and yeah we are good to go. We are taking most of our modern stuff up and leaving the 1950's kitchen here on the Coast. I figure when we eventually do comeback I'd like to not bring back so much stuff. So most everything that we're bringing we can leave, donate and not have to bring it back here. Did I mention our garage looks like we have a serious hoarding issue and I'm kinda wondering if I do considering all the crap that we, well I have in the storage locker.
So Special K and Ralph the dog head up on Oct 12 and I'm staying here till the end of October since my mom who lives in Japan is coming home for a visit for the last 3 weeks of October and then I will come up. I have to admit my fear of moving up has somewhat subsided with the thought of having a ton of stuff to do but I'm totally worried about Ralph the dog flying up there and the 3 different planes. Anyways thats all I can write since I need to get my butt in the shower. Cheers!

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