Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shopped Out

I think I may be all shopped out. Today I spent mainly in bed, except for my walk and wubba throwing sessions for Ralph in the backyard I had an extremely lazy day. Yesterday we did another food shop at Costco and seriously I had troubles getting the garage door down after I unloaded the car. We also went to Ikea and got a few pretty lamps and some kitchen crap and the essential shower curtain that we were told to bring. We also had a visit to WalMart where we found our humidifier and some other kitchen thingys. Then it was the Sears outlet store which is like walking into Sears in the mid 1980's but not the cool 1980's. Then we went back to East Hastings to my favourite store the Gourmet Warehouse where we picked up all the spices and a damn huge bottle of olive oil. Later while in the ferry line up coming home I picked up that bottle of olive oil and thought wow this looks like a 60 pounder of rum, and at that very moment I think the guy in the car next to me had the same thought but I think he thought I was actually going to pop that baby open and drink it back, little did he know it's a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Spain. Anyways we have most everything that we need to bring. I'm debating bringing my antique coffee maker since its all glass but I really don't want to buy anything else. We still need to pick up toilet paper, paper towel, the memory foam pad thing, binoculars(ask Dad) and more books on the stars.
We heard from the housing peoples today and apparently where they were going to move us isn't good now? So they are putting us up in Green Row Executive Suites, which I googled and it really is a green row of umm suites. After our stay at the green rows apparently we will be moving into a townhouse that has a view of the Bay which is nice since I know how much I'm going to miss my ocean view here and am already anticipating returning in spring when all of my bulbs will be breaking through the frozen soil....ahhh spring:)
So I want to know do they sell frozen turkeys up there? Anyone know? I'm thinking I'll buy one in Yellowknife and just carry it on the plane with me if nobody thinks there's turkey up there. That would just be so typical of me to be carrying around a frozen turkey...I have a funny story which involves me buckling a turkey into the front seat of my camaro but I'll save that story for another time. Oh and what about liqour? Should I bring my own Rum up or?
On a good note I applied for a job today up there and got a call back four hours after I applied. Yay me!!!I just don't want to get bored. I know I have 160 wedding napkins to sew and embroider and a bunch of new wii exercise stuff and some workout DVD's from London Drugs. I also want to contribute to our household and have money to buy food up there and carvings plus I want to go to Bora Bora for our Honeymoon. Anyways I think I'll go to bed and get an early night in. Night night all.

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