Monday, October 5, 2009

One week left till Special K and Ralph the Dog head North

Well we almost have everything we need for the big move plus some. We even tackled the garage and now theres a clear path to one of the doors, and I say ONE of the doors. The other one is surrounded. It's a week today till Special K and Ralph the dog leave for Cambridge Bay, which also means its about a week until my mom arrives here from Japan. So we've been pretty busy but yesterday we took it easy and took Ralph up to Francis Peninsula Park and just enjoyed eachothers company. It was a beautiful day here and I will miss the beauty of the Sunshine Coast but I'm ready for another adventure. So the other day we hit Canadian Tire (my favourite store on the Sunshine Coast) and bought the aero garden. When I first saw this thing a few months ago I wondered who would buy this thing and now I have one. It comes with an english country garden package and we purchased the herb package so YAY I'm excited to grow some herbs in what is a modern day chia pet to me. We also went to Vancouver on I think wednesday or thursday and hit costco again. We found this blue light thing by Philips, I'd go grab the box and tell you what its actually called but it happens to be in the garage and even though its organised I couldn't tell you where anything actually is...I can't even see the lawnmower or the freezer. Anyhow the blue light thing, it's suppose to resonate blue sky. Special K, my special man decided to plug it in without much notice and face it directly at me while I was reading the instructions which read "do not face the blue light directly or stare at it", anyways I'm fine and the blue sky is back in the box till it reaches Cambridge Bay where I will position it and assemble it so it takes no more victims.
I have to mention my only fear of moving. Ralph flying. It terrifies me. I just am so worried he'll end up on the wrong plane and next thing you know he's like in Russia or something or that he's misplaced or forgotten about. I know he's young and my vet said he'll be fine and that we can give him gravol but I'm just dreading it. I think when Ralph leaves I will need to be sedated. I'm almost not kidding!!!I've decided to stay with friends while Special K and Ralph head to Nunavut just to keep my mind off of it. I even looked into driving to Yellowknife but yeah. We all know thats retarded.
Oh yeah and the bed, we found out where we'd be moving into comes with a double bed and that ain't gonna work. So we went to Sears where Special K who's always looking for a bargain(read cheap) (I love you luvbug even when you're cheap, mwah)found a bed that was 55% off so we have a new bed coming with us and I'm super excited because its a king sized bed. The queen isn't big enough for all THREE of us. Yes Ralph sleeps on the bed too. I attribute that to my father, he always told me when I was growing up to keep the dog off the bed and furniture. You must know when my Dad wasn't around my dog Kelsey at the time was lounging on the couch and sleeping at the end of my bed. Now that I'm an adult, sort of, I buy furniture to share with the dog. I know its bad and Ralph should know his place but for some reason I like getting up in the morning grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting down on the couch next to Ralph. He's a clean dog. I bathe him on a regular basis and he plays in the sprinkler as much as he possibly can. At this moment Ralph and Special K are sleeping side by side in our bed. So I'm looking forward to having a bigger bed.
So today we have to check our list and see which Nunavut stuff needs to still get done and which wedding stuff needs to get done. I'm thinking I should have all of the votive embossing done before I go that way the movers can take the embossing crap up instead of me. Anyways maybe I'll do some more of those before we head to Vancouver today.

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