Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halfmoon Bay to Cambridge Bay

Good morning all. I arrived in Cambridge Bay yesterday afternoon and I have to say its beautiful here. Special K gave me a tour of the town and I met a few people and others were friendly and very welcoming. We took a drive down a road that leads to Mount Pelly where apparently theres several Musk Oxes hanging out and it was just spectacular but we saw no Musk Oxes:( We ventured to the local Co-op where yes I did notice some things are expensive and of course the produce is lacking some freshness but all in all it was pretty good. The Northern store was my favourite, their produce was how Superstores is in Vancouver so I ain't complaining and yes it is expensive and the prices are comparable to say Whole Foods but whatever. One thing that drove me crazy was theres no frozen spinach to be found here!!! Not that I need it that badly but Special K wanted me to make my spinach dip for his work potluck. A closer look at the Northern store opened my eyes to a fresh bag of baby spinach so I'm going to try and work with that. The meat was the same price as at home on the Sunshine Coast. A whole chicken for $12, 4 nice steaks for $30. It ain't as expensive as I thought it was going to be. We are still fully stocked on tons of crap from costco. We bought hockey bags from costco and then brought all of the food we bought in those, well Special K did, I dumped an entire hockey bag of ichiban noodle out, seriously who needs that much ichiban noodle? So Special K went back to work yesterday and left me here to absorb the mess that he had accomplished making in 2 weeks. He said theres housekeepers that come by, but wow, I don't think he's wiped the counters down once since he's been here...typical Special K behaviour. I was also tripping over his luggage spread about the house and also overflowing with stuff. He had like these luggage corners where there'd be a piece of luggage and then some stuff out of the bag surrounding it and then some stuff still inside so yeah. In a matter of an hour I unpacked all of my luggage, all of our food from costco and made the bed cleaned up the kitchen and made this place our home. I'm excited to start a new chapter of our lives here, and after the wedding I'm pretty sure we will start making a family, as everyone has 3 kids plus here. I don't know how long we are staying here for one day I'd like to have my garden again but I could stay here for a long time.
So Ralph and I were pulled off our West jet flight when we boarded in Vancouver. Apparently Ralphs crate couldn't fit through their cargo door. I of course was upset and told west jet I had called and confirmed the crate a dozen times in the past 2 weeks after what we went through with air canada. West Jet was awesome. They{Cindy, Jerry and Michael} stepped up to the plate and tried their best to solve the situation by locating a crate and putting us on the next flight which was awesome, also gave me an entire row to myself on a full plane so it was a sweet ride to Edmonton. In Edmonton when I arrived I had Special K's friend Wayne come and lend a helpful hand since I had 2 fully loaded carts and one flatbed cart for Ralphs crate that had one retarded uncooperative wheel on it. Wayne is from Special K's military days and the next day he came back in the morning to help again. Thanks Wayne you rock! The flight with Canadian North was wonderful and they kept giving me more coffee and a great breakfast and lunch, great service and the Pilot Richard was damn nice too. I'm very happy to be here, I really missed my Special K and Ralph was so happy to see him too. Today when Special K left for work Ralph watched him from the window and when Special K was out of his sight Ralph started howling and now he's passed out in an arm chair. I think I will get dressed and take a walk theres a store at the end of our street called the Arctic closet which I want to check out. I also want to take a ton of pics.
Have a sweet day peoples.


  1. Hey hun...Im so glad your enjoying yourself. Kinda wished you hated it there lol but not at all suprised you do! PICS PICS PICS!!!

  2. Glad you made it up - welcome to the north!!!

  3. Thanks for the welcome, and I'm glad I made it too!