Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ralph the dog denied boarding pass

So where do I start? Hmmm....Well some of you know I love my dog, like a lot. I guess most people love their dogs....Anyways I've had an issue with putting Ralph on 3 planes ever since we found out that we were moving to the Great White North and apparently so does Air Canada! I can't really describe how exhausted I'am from today. My eyes hurt from crying, I'm missing my other best friend. Special K repeatedly told me not to worry and that I was stressing over nothing and he was mostly right. BUT when we arrived at YVR today to check in Special K and Ralph, Ralph was nowhere to be found on the manifest. It all kinda spun out of control from there. Ralphs crate was too big, then too small. Then I found him a new crate through Air Canada, and then the plane was the wrong plane. When we arrived to pick him up no one knew where he was. I'm so tired and I'm so glad that Ralph is with me at our good friend Darshans. We got a full refund plus a new dog crate.
Yesterday I was thinking of all the things I'm thankful for this year, and I have plenty to be thankful for. Tonight though I'm so thankful that Ralph is safe with me. I'll end this here. Sweet dreams peoples.


  1. Hi and Welcome to the North!
    You are definitely not the first person to run into "problems" with Air Canada when flying with your fur-kid. My Husband and I no longer use A/C when flying with our dogs especially since they won't allow our dogs to fly due to their size combined. However, West Jet is a totally different story, they actually treat our dogs very well and we have not had a problem dealing with them in the past! You shouldn't find that many problems with First Air or Canadian North as long as you call ahead to book in your pets!
    I hope your continued trip is uneventful and boring from here on out.

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  3. WestJet is DEFINITELY the way to go - they were super reassuring when I was flying with my shepherd (Kayla) and the northern airlines were great with her too. Welcome to northern living!