Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creams and Crap I'm glad I brought

I thought I should make a point to recommend a few products I've brought up with me. I have very sensitive fair skin and I suffer from eczema so moving up here in to the dry cold caused me to be concerned. See I have a type of eczema that is fairly common that happens on joints and it mainly shows up on my hands, in between my fingers and sometimes all over my fingers. It can be pretty painful especially when the skin splits open and it hurts to touch just about everything, folding laundry fresh from a dryer is one of the things I dread most. There is no cure for eczema, Doctors recommend zinc creams and cortizone treatments but cortizone is only temporary and can thin the skin so much that the next time you have an eczema breakout the skin can split open fast, Ouch! Anyways here are a few products that have helped and that I cannot live without.

1. Elizabeth Ardens Eight Hour Cream, this is a thick almost vaseline like skin protectant. I've used this product since I was 10 years old. Its awesome and I'm pretty sure its one of Ardens cheaper products selling for around 25 bucks. The tube lasts me a 8 months to a year, and I use it everyday on any major dry areas and on my lips. They also have 8 hour cream in a lipstick form which retails for 18 bucks.

2. Roc's Enydrial Hand Cream, this is the best hand cream around and its a decent price at 10 bucks. Roc's hand cream seriously Rocks.

3.Elizabeth Arden's Extreme Conditioning Cream, this is a new product from Arden and wow it works. It has an SPF 15 and I don't go outside without it on. Thanks Mom! It retails for $52

4. Lacome's Juicy tubes lip balms, they last a long time and come in all different colours. At this time of year Lacome puts out a Christmas Package of 8 mini tubes for $48 and its the best deal around. Single regular sized ones run around $19

5.Roger and Gallet Soaps, Talk about a wonderful soap to have as you soak in a hot steamy bath after a walk in -20, lathers and doesn't make your skin dry at all.

6.Roc's Enydrial Repairing Lip Care, if you don't want colour or sparkle like Lancomes I suggest this at $8 bucks its a sweet deal.

7. Bain De Terre Recovery Complex Anti Frizz, Retails at $29 and it helps with frizz and you don't need much.

There's my list and most of this stuff can be found at The Bay, Shoppers, London Drugs or Salons.

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