Tuesday, January 19, 2010

General Happenings at 4am.

Lately all I can think about is the backyard and the hammock, and how pretty soon rain or shine, I will be in it. SOON HOME SWEET SOUTHERN HOME:) I keep forgetting to take the time and write a new post...so here goes. All I've had on my mind is WEDDING. Wedding this, wedding that, honeymoon this, honeymoon that. So my grandmother Caroline was a big fan of the French Polynesian and I'd never been so that was my first choice..Ahh Bora Bora an over water bungalow..a butler...a glass floor to witness the action below the bungalow...alcohol that doesn't require a permit or a shitload for shipping..did I mention the butler that serves it to me on that silver platter?...ahh now that's my paradise. Then I needed to factor in travel. The areas I wanted to go were remote, dangerous, unsafe and 4 tiny plane rides away, after taking 2 big planes just really didn't seem right. Places you want to see before you have kids, but whatever my future off spring will learn to love adventure:)just like Mommy....Then we thought hmmm Hawaii 4 hours on West Jet whom we are fans of because so far they haven't lost my dog....Thanks Air Canada! and Dog the Bounty Hunter is in Hawaii...Special K so wants to stalk him. Anyways we were both totally into it until we realized we just wanted to chill in Halfmoon Bay and hit some of our favourite restaurants, have some quiet time together and stay in the most luxurious and most unique accommodations that BC's coast has to offer. No car rental as ours is at home. Ralph the dog has his Grandpa taking care of him for 4 nights and his Grandma for 1(Yes Mom that's you, I was going to mention this today had you answered your phone:) So this gives us time to enjoy our tent cabin at Rockwater Resort, where we are getting married. See tent here: http://www.rockwatersecretcoveresort.com/site/accommodations/tenthouse_suites.html That's just one of our luxe places to go without Ralphy. After that we are traveling North to a few different cabins and then sailing to Texada, Cortez, Copeland Islands Marine Park, Refuge Cove and just hanging out on the water in Desolation Sound. The more I think about it the more I like it. With guests arriving from all over the globe and even Vancouver it just didn't seem right to see them so briefly. So for those of you out there who are coming we will continue the celebration the next morning at Rockwater and have a scrumptious breakfast and just spend some quality time with people instead of running/rushing off to catch a plane. Then before you know it we'll have to head to our second home the Great White North, which hopefully won't be so damn white when I return. I plan on camping and fishing and god knows I'll do whatever I can outside before the winter sets in. Oh but I will be back in Vancouver briefly in July and again very briefly in December as we are doing Hawaii then.

This pic I took 4 days before I left for Cambridge Bay. You can see here why I miss BC and also why I was such a damn early bird. How the hell could I miss this? I remember being in the backyard in PJs, coffee, tripod and camera in hand trying not to step where Ralph had dropped one of his "morning presents" for me.

This pic was at Frances Peninsula. This is Ralph in being his typical self. We'd say 'ok Ralph time to go', and he looks at us and just sits in the water. What a jerk. Ralph having a moment.
I so can't wait to see how he reacts to being home. My chillaxing bestfriend.

On to other topics of interest. Baby Deo our foster dog is doing very well and I'm happy to say he looks amazing. I haven't mentioned him much on here because I found people reacted dramatically and a little odd to my posts. Its been a good thing not only for me to have Baby Deo here but for our dog as well, Ralph acts as if hes Baby Deo's Dad and protects him, plays with him and Baby Deo in return mounts Ralphs face and just gives it. Yeah hes a humper, but hes a dog humper, he hasn't once tried to mount my leg unlike other dogs that I've known or owned before. I'm so glad I stood up and did the right thing and didn't just pretend he was someone else's problem. At the end of the day I'm the one who gets to live with my actions. If you want to make a difference you need to start with yourself. Thats the only way you are ever going to make a change. He will be a great pet for our neighbours in Halfmoon Bay. I can't wait for them to meet him.
Ralph and Baby Deo playing tag. If I could only show you how much this dog has recovered from the suffering and abuse that no one should have to endure. He looks damn happy and probably mounted Ralph 10 seconds after this pic was taken.

So I'm back to school...Thank God! I've read books here so fast its crazy. I just can't get enough! So I'm taking on some history courses through http://www.athabascau.ca/
Hmm what else..oh my wedding gown just arrived in Vancouver from New York, now lets just hope I fit in it!

So its around 4 am here. For some crazy reason my sleep schedule is not on time and punctual as what it once was. I've been told that people when they move here have this issue/problem with sleep. Well now I'm officially one of them. I was told not to fight it but to just adjust with it so that's why I'm up writing a post at 4 am. Anyways I'm going to load up a few pics, post this, knock a pill back and hopefully pass out into psychedelic dreams that this tiny pill brings me.

Peace Out Ya'all! and Sweet Dreams wherever you are.


  1. We're planning our wedding (which will be home in Newfoundland) from Rankin Inlet. Hardest thing I've ever done. If you're anything like me, I need to see things and approve of them before I fork over cash for them, and it can't be done from up here. Hope things are going smoothly for you!

  2. Hey Melissa,
    We were lucky that we had already started planning, booked venues,booked a cake, picked dresses for the bridesmaids and flowergirls and found a THE gown(the hardest part) for me. I'm basing my wedding on my Great Grandmothers so I have an inspired colour scheme, and I'm using her cake knife and our silver family teapot circa 1800 will have my married name etched into the bottom of it. I will be the 8th or 9th name. I was going to grow the flowers up until we found out we were moving to Nunavut. I have a friend doing the finishing touches on our invites and thats been the hardest part for me even though I know shes awesome at paper type crafts, I'm just such a control freak. Where are you planning on getting married church/venue? Whens your day?