Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Ralph out playing on the tundra.
Ralph and I passed out.

Ralphy telling off our neighbours dog.

Happy New Years all! In recent years I haven't partied up on New Years Eve as much as I would've say ten years ago, and for good reason I just don't have what it takes anymore. On New Years Eve I had no intention of consuming what I did, (big sigh) but I did. My twenties were spent seeing how far I could go and in general living on the edge, complete with a variety of different drinking games, martinis on the go and all nighters that went on for days. I partied like it was my generations Studio 54 all over again. This past new years we bought tickets to Cambridge Bays New Years bash par-TAY and we had ourselves a great time over at the community center, which presented the first error of my judgement...all they had to serve was beer, which usually I would have no problem with but before our arrival I was sipping on here's my first mistake...mixing. I did hesitate and for a minute there and I could feel what the hangover was to be like the next day but its New Years Eve and really I'm in the arctic, I had no obligations the next day so hey why not drink it up? Six beers later in a dark gym with Fergie pumping the clock struck midnight and everyone waited for the balloons to drop from the ceiling, which didn't until some of the rowdies, Special K included tried throwing and reaching up to release the improperly hung tarp, 8 minutes later it fell and next all you heard were the popping of balloons. During all of this I was sitting with an elder named Ana having a very deep conversation about Kayaks, yes a deep conversation on Kayaks...Anyways the night was far from over, we ended up bringing the party home with us which included screwdrivers, rockband and eventually the night came to an end when we ran out of mix and K noticed I was resorting to mixing crystal light with rum....That would be another of my fatal mistakes. You know its time to go to bed when you mix anything with crystal light. So off to bed I went and I basically stayed there until today loaded on whatever our medicine cabinet could offer. Minus the hangover it was a wonderful New Years Eve. The one thing I did notice here which is different from a typical Vancouver New Years event is that everyone came up shook hands, embraced in hugs and wished each other a happy New Years and I'm talking about complete strangers. We both noticed how friendly everyone was and how that would never happen in the Southern towns we're from. Happy New Years to all of you out there and We wish you the best for 2010!

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