Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blizzards and Boneheads

We have less than 4 months until our wedding now so while we're stuck indoors due to the blizzard outside we are getting her done and I'm talking about all the crafts and crap. Before we came up I searched for gilded glass votives. The only ones I found were online at 3.95 US each, they happened to look cheap and tacky so it was a no-go. I wanted around 200 so I decided to make my own. They turned out awesome, after burning my hands several times making them I can say they were well worth the trouble. Towards the end on one of my trips into Costco my friend Dar helped me complete most of them. Thats one thing thats been checked off the list. Another is the wedding invites which I designed, well they are done as they are fresh off the printing press. I was going to finish them up here but with the clock ticking my friend down south is finishing them up for us. My printer friend Rob did an amazing job from what I've seen. If you happen to read this Rob, YOU ROCK! So now come the table linens. I have to say somewhere along the line I've come to very much dislike linens at any food/drink establishment, not all are bad but just from experience of seeing a napkin that was still dirty I've become finicky and a slight snob, or maybe a full out snob but whatever. So not last night but the night before we started to get all the sewing done. K had bought me a new Pfaff machine that does EVERYTHING, it has so many buttons its crazy! We still have a long way to go with the napkins we are at 18 with 132 to go and I will embroider them with our monogram once we're done the basic sewing. Next week I plan on getting started on the tablecloths and those will most likely take till the end of January. So while this howling wind which sounds like a locomotive blows through here the town is shut down, which means we are without water until the weather changes :( As well planes can't land so Special K went out and got a few things to last us till our food mail comes in. As for the Boneheads, Ralph and Deo have been playing. The other day we tried to take them both out for a walk which ended up in Deo running wild and Ralph chasing him, and then us chasing both of em..Ralph of course came back and I ended up chasing down Deo. Deo is still pretty thin but he has put on some weight so his ribs aren't protruding through but you can still feel him. He will accompany me when I head down to Vancouver and Ralph will come down with Special K. I know Deos new family will be happy with him. Anyways I need to get back to the sewing and to playing with the two boneheads. Have a great day people!

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