Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Spirit and lots of random stuff

Hey all! I'm recuperating as we partied it up last night at K's staff X-mas party. K even started break dancing and really I honestly have to say so far that's the best time I've had up here. I laughed so hard my face hurt. It was good to get to know people better and good to have people get to know me. I like a no BS party where there's no well BS and that's what it was. It was old school partying for me mixing 2 old friends with another, crown and vodka but I'm feeling great today strangely enough. While dancing I had friends on my mind. I was thinking how 10 years ago Friday, Saturday and Tuesday and actually sometimes Wednesday were the days we'd go clubbing. Those days of all nighters, afterhours and waking up in strange places are long gone for me now. Really though now I'm looking forward to the next party on New Years, Good times;) Oh and Arctic Char is amazing, it tastes like Salmon but better, you know how Salmon can easily dry out on the BBQ, well its like a fattier Salmon so it stays moist. I had it cooked and raw with soy sauce and I preferred the cooked of course because I've tried raw meat and sure I like my steak bloody but I never caught on to any raw fish fad. Gary, who I like to call my Inuit father had brought fresh ice from the lake and I had to take a pic because how often you have FRESH ice from the arctic crushed for your drinks, so here's a pic of that. We returned home at midnight which is late to me now, what the hell happened to getting home at 6am? Our dogs were happy to see us, speaking of dogs I have two vets considering coming up here to do neutering and spaying for the community. We put them up for the week and raise the money for the medications and it may aid in slowing down our communities growing dog population. As for our dog Murphy Baby Deo as we call him....long story...he is looking damn good and I'm following the advice of Animal professionals such as vets and trainers. We gave him a bath....and wow he changed colours and the filth and dirt that came off of him was crazy. I spent 2 hours grooming him and he looks completely different and get this his ears are coming up. Apparently its not such a rare thing for these dogs to just go out an adopt people, it happens all the time here from what people were telling me last night. Not everyone here is a jerk to their dog only some are. I also found out why people do starve their dogs, its easier to skin them, I know I was like WHAT? But yeah that's what happens here. Anyways I want all of you to know I'm doing great and that I do miss you during the holidays of course. I've got my family on my mind, and my extended families...The Jordans, The Andrews, The Blancks and The Prowses. Oh the Prowses, The brandy alexander Christmas eve tradition or was it Christmas morning? Go figure I can't remember;) I think of Christmas dinners at the Hart House when Mom grabbed the wheel of my car and nearly took my new car into a tree, the same year my uncle tried to..yeah we'll leave it at that....or the family dinner after Moms newly implanted assets kept popping out of her stylish tube dress and my Grandmother remarking that, You weren't born with those! or how about your mother sending you SARS masks at Christmas, because you can never be too paranoid or prepared....ahhh just more validation that my life is like a chapter out of Running with Scissors. My mother is reading this saying I didn't just send you masks and no she didn't there was other stuff, trust me. I remember opening packages from Mom and saying WTF? I love you Mom, I guarantee there's not many Moms like you out there. My Dad, he's great too just not crazy in the same way she is...crazy in the way that it cost him 200 plus dollars to send me my X-Mas gifts. I love you Dad you rock now take care of yourself, you have an aisle to walk me down in like 4 months.....FOUR MONTHS...till I give up single hood, well actually I gave that up a while ago but WOW I remember when I was like I'll never get married. I don't want to be one of THOSE people, I want to have options but now I'm damn happy and in LOVE with the best break dancing asian I know, Love you K. Back to Christmas, I hope all of you are having a good time gearing up, getting all your shopping done, finding parking spots at the mall...(I remember how trying to find a parking spot at this time of year use to seriously piss me off) getting baked or getting your baking done...I will call you Sue, who makes the bestest closest shortbread cookies to my grandmas.....I need your recipe! I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are having a good time and weirdly because I'm not around the hustle and bustle of it all I can't believe Christmas is just in a few days. Listening to Bing Crosby's Christmas is a tradition my x step mom Lorraine gave me makes me feel like that time of year is here along with my regular morning coffee turning into egg nog lattes, and yes I'm having egg nog lattes in the arctic and damn they are good with some fresh grated nutmeg from a can:) Anyways I need to get out and get some stuff done as its getting dark and KOVIAHUKMILUH as they say up in these parts and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HANUKKAH!

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