Friday, December 11, 2009

Mans Best Friend

I moved here knowing that dogs aren't for the most part considered companions as they are down south. It's the same way in other countries that I've been to, but here its different. Here I find the cruelty is brutal, and I'm done with keeping my mouth shut about it. As I have worked with animals and have always owned one if not two or more I find myself in these past few days disgusted with Nunavut and a majority of its people, did I just say that?? why yes I bloody hell did. Choke it down, swallow it whatever you need to do but I don't condone cruelty to any living creature. I may be a hypocrite because I eat meat, have a leather prada bag and own fur hats but what the hell I can't bloody handle what I've witnessed in Nunavut in these past few weeks. I have tried and I have tried to adapt but f**k it. A few days ago on my way home from the gym...actually wait that's go back to when I first got here. OK, I walk Ralph every morning. I've had comments like just tie him up outside. Which I've responded with a ahhh no. My dog is an indoor spoiled rotten brute of a shepherd. There ain't no way I'm leaving him outside 24 hours a day, at least not in this weather for Christ sakes, plus animals need some damn exercise. They like to run, play and oh live....Who woulda thought??? Living creatures want to live. Here having your dog tied to a 4 foot chain is normal, having it sleep in its own feces and then having to eat them the next day for food is NORMAL. What else is about beating a dog with a hockey stick, how about a puppy? And yes a puppy, a baby , a defenceless animal, I stopped some kids from hitting it with a hockey stick...and yeah I know you learn by example, Dr Phil says so therefore it goes. Oh and the RCMP doesn't get involved so you know, just call bylaw they say. Oh and bylaw they just come and take the dog and put him to sleep and the owners can go get a new dog the next day. It's true I was on the phone to both places in the past two days. One dog stood out to me over these past few weeks. Ralph acknowledges (barking) all the dogs as we walk by, this one could barely get up on his hind legs, he was and is super skinny, the malnutrition is obvious as well you'd be a moron to not know this dog is starving. I decided since Ralph was on a diet....(hes gained 8 pounds from the lack of not having a backyard here)....I was going to give Ralph's daily ration of duck bacon to this dog on our morning and evening walks. This dog also does not have a dog house to curl up in when the wind is harsh like most of his furry friends up here do. So I started out throwing the treats to the dog who couldn't get up on all four legs, then he started to try and get up and walk which looked bloody painful for him. His hips looked as if they were about to buckle but he slightly wagged his tail then he would fall to the ground. Now over the past while I've watched him get a tad better hes able to get up walk over and now when I raise my hand out to give him his daily treats he does not flinch and drop to the ground as if he expects a blow to the head. So back to the other day. I returned home from the gym, fully immersed in the snoop dogg that I had playing on my mp3, thinking about wedding stuff, moving, honeymoon...blah blah blah...when I looked down guess who was curled up at my doorstep? Yes the starving skinny as Kate Moss husky. I brought him in to my mud room, gave him some water which was gone in 3 a kitchen aid mixer sized bowl... gone all of it not a drop left. I called Special K and he said we'll go by the owners later. As I ran my hands over this skinny bone protruding dog I checked his teeth and figure this dog must be between a year old to a maximum of 3 years old. He's young. So I called the RCMP and asked whats the protocol in this town, and he was sympathetic but he said they stay out of the dog stuff here. Uh huh OK so when do they get involved here anyways? He said never. So I spoke to bylaw and again their hands are tied but they can take him off my hands if you know what I mean(sleepy time for dogs). So we went and I told the owners we had their dog and where we were and they could come get him. So no one showed. Its been 3 days now. Our husky candidate for Americas next top model is happy and looking better, and not scared when we go to pet him anymore. For now he can stay with us until we find him a better home or until Ralph gets over himself and learns to share. So K just told me that a puppy was found in the garbage here at Green Rows, which made me snap just as I was about to write a blog about nothing I guess it turned into something. I also understand not everyone is cruel here but I'm going to wing it and say at least 80 percent are. I'm pissed and I plan on doing something instead of just adapting. You know what I say about adapting, I say f**k that.


  1. I think that you could start your very own dog rescue with the way you are going.
    I think that since a lot of people get dogs shipped to them, could really be a little more pro-active and rescue their new best friends life.

  2. Well said babe! Your absolutly right. Animal cruelty is not right, no matter where you live. I dont understand why people would want an animal if they arent even going to enjoy it...Love for its family. Yes there are working animals and animals raised for food. I think that thats acceptable and nothing at all like what you are describing. Even if the animal is raised to eat, they should still be treated properly and not beaten, or left in the cold. Fur or not...its cruel and unfair.
    Knowing you, everyone is going to know how you feel about it! And I think you make it know exactly whats on your mind!!! Love ya girl!!!

  3. i wouldn't use such a politically correct term as 'put to sleep'. in pang they're taken to the dump and shot in the head. sometimes they don't die right away. sometimes they freeze to the ground while they're still alive...true story! right now i have 3 dogs, one of them a husky that i got up here. i wasn't expecting to get another dog, so i didn't prepare by buying cheaper food etc. it's so bloody expensive! not only's crap quality.

    anyway, power to ya, but i don't really think a dog rescue would work in the smaller locations (unfortunately). people don't care enough to spay/neuter their dogs even if that service was available. you would just end up with litter after litter of pups. who would take them? i just have this crazy visual of the movie 'hotel for dogs' with an altered setting. the northern haven.

    i don't know. there are times i leave out food for the neglected dogs in the neighborhood; i've shooed off people beating their creatures and acted as a foster mom...i just don't think there are enough people to do that in a northern community. not enough people would adopt and animal and treat it well. kinda crappy.