Friday, December 4, 2009

Northern Store, Co-op and Food mail

Hey guys. A few of you wanted to understand about our food situation up in here so here it is.

This is what $135.00 looks like from the Northern Store...theres is a $25.00 Roast, and $15.00 chicken breasts, and a family pack of ground beef $15.00 and of course a delissio pizza at $15.00 in there.

Now the box full of bread below is $35.00 and I get our bread at the Co-op, theres 4 bags of bagels, 1 loaf of garlic bread and some whole wheat bread. The Co-op is nextdoor to the post office, hence the package jammed in there. I will get to that package on my next post.

And now our Food Mail, with some sourdough bread and some frozen spinach (SPINACH DIP YAY)and uh-oh more bagels. My freezer is now jam packed with bagels.

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