Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Always be prepared

Hey all. We had a hilarious day yesterday as we got the truck stuck out in the middle of nowhere, it didn't seem so hilarious then but now it is. Driving down a road that really doesn't go anywhere we hit an area that K thought was unsafe but I told him to go for it...typical me...but all of a sudden we came to a jolting hault. Getting out we noticed the snow was actually pretty deep and the back tires weren't touching the ground. Ooopps! After a ridiculous attempt to dig out the truck, drive out, and push out we gave up before all daylight was lost and decided to warm up in the truck before setting out to walk back to town. Unfortunately I was not dressed for the elements and it was quite a painful walk to town. My knees from kneeling in the snow to reach under the truck were so cold they were burning and the closer to town we got the more pain I felt. As soon as we reached a road that the backroad runs into we spotted a truck coming towards us in the distance and we eagerly flagged this man down. Willy, the man who saved us in my mind was happy to help us out. I was so happy to get in his damn truck. Special K wasn't as hard up as I was. His military training I think really comes in handy in situations like these since hes had to live out in the elements in -40 weather before. And me with my spoiled west coast weather had no idea of what cold was before I arrived here. Almost how I had no idea of what heat is until I got off that plane in the middle east. It was COLD yesterday, teeth chattering, shivering, burning hot cold from winds that slapped us in the face when we reached the tops of hills kind of cold. Once Willy returned us home it took so long for me to warm up. K went back with a tow truck and they managed to pull it out. We definitely made the right decision to start walking back then, the tow guy and K almost didn't get the truck out but eventually with the help of a chain and some sheer determination they pulled it out. Anyhow K brought home some antlers and I just had a guy we know here Chris show me how to remove the scalp and meat so that I can hang up my antlers. All is good and I've gotten over my Christmas blues as our renos should be finished by the 7th and I will be able to decorate for X-Mas and move into our new house. Yay!!

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  1. I just caught up on the last three entries I had not noticed you did lol
    Salmagundi...on ya! lol...I may have to take a trip down there...get some more kids chopsticks (Juli will need some lol) Missin ya! Love ya lots. And dont get stuck out on the tundra again!!!