Monday, December 14, 2009

Vancouver Bound

Hey all.
I'm heading home to enjoy spring in early February, its been confirmed. Yay! I will be bringing our furry friend to meet his new owners, who are excited to meet him. I know I can't save all the dogs here but I feel good knowing that I've helped one. Everyday I see an improvement from his looks to his confidence. As well I couldn't live with myself if I was just to turn my back and be OK with this, that's just not me. I spoke to my lawyer in Vancouver and I'm well within the law, laws are not that different here we are still in Canada. I really don't give a damn about a town blacklisting, the people who would blacklist are too drunk to show up to work so really I don't think they'll waste their energy on me. Special K can protect himself he's a big boy. As well I can always take a plane home, which is what we had planned for when we try to get pregnant. I've been to the Gaza Strip and lived through it, Northern Canada does not scare me one little bit. Enough dog talk...We are at the new place and our hotel still, as I so far have had to fix the toilet here since the plumber left on his holidays down south. We started painting yesterday and today I will be fixing all the light switches that are put in wrong... just damn strange...Everything else seems to be working fine and its actually quite a nice layout, although I miss my kitchen back home. So now I must get back to painting and making this place look purdy!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful monday!


  1. Ive quite enjoyed reading your blog. I think that what you have to say is interesting You paint a picture of your beautiful hamlet and the other stunning areas youve been, using words and pictures that make me feel like Im closer to you then I thought it would feel.

    What I like the most about your that you also tell it like it is. You dont sugar coat the bad things, because you are afraid of what other people will think.

    I commend every southerner that moves to such a remote area. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to go on that adventure. But it also takes a certain kind of person to be able to speak their mind and to make people aware of what is going on...things that just get swept under the carpet and not dealt with.

    This business with the dogs is despicable and disgusting. THIS IS CANADA!!!! Just because your up in tim buck too, doesnt mean that its ok for this kind of thing to go on. And saying nothing about it, it is only perpetuating a situation, that IS fixable if enough people cared to do somthing about it. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion and the freedom of speech. And I dont think Christina should be silenced over somthing that she feels passionatly about.
    Blacklisted? Who the hell cares! What should she do? Smile at these people who beat and fail to feed their dogs? Make conversation with them and be their friend? What kind of person does that to a living being? Certainly not someone I would want to know. Its sick! Its a small town, not exactly going to be able to avoid these people. And anyone with any integredy wouldnt be able to hide their feelings...and nor should they.

    If even half of the southerners that went up there, made an attempt at fixing things, or at least try to make them better, then somthing would be done about it. But instead everyone is too chicken shit to say anything because they are afraid they wont be liked? BOO FREAKIN HOO! Cry me a river. If you cant say how you feel, then your being a fake. Your not being true to yourself (unless of course, you are in fact fake). And if you cant be yourself, whats the point of livin there? I personally would never be able to live somewhere were I couldnt be me.

    If people sat around doing nothing, cures for cancer wouldnt be found. If people sat around doing nothing, there wouldnt be shelters for the homeless. If people sat around doing nothing, then more animals would be suffering at the hands of backyard breeders, abusive owners and homelessness. No. we cant get rid of all cancers, there will always be a homeless problem and not all animals will be saved. But it takes people who care to at least make the attempt.

    Even if Christina decided she was going to have a go at it and start a rescue place, or try and help every animal of Cambridge Bay, she wouldnt be able to help every dog. Some would still die. Some would still be beaten every day. But at least she would have made an attempt. Education is key. Educate these people!!! Teach them that this isnt right. Get them to understand what they are doing is wrong. MAKE THE ATTEMPT!!! And maybe, just maybe one dog at a time, a difference CAN be made. But NOTHING will happen if no one tries.

    So stop putting her down for her views. Stop saying you understand how it bugs her but theres nothing that can be done. Instead of doing nothing, DO SOMTHING. And if your not going to do anything because your afraid, or because its just not the kind of thing you would do, fine. Thats your decision. But instead of being negative, offer encouragement. Negativity breeds negativity. So lets be positive.

    Christina, I think that what you are trying to do is awesome. I think you have such a big heart and I think that you can do anything you set your mind to. Dont be afraid of what people think. Dont be afraid to continue to speak your mind. And when you see the asshole who lives behind you in the Northern Store....give him a dirty look!
    Love ya babe! DONT BE SILENCED!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

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  3. starve, and even when authorities offered to take the dogs without fining/charging this guy he refused. Anyways the whole dog thing just irks me. Anyways I appreciate the comments. I have a big mouth and unfortunately or fortunately that won't change.Thanks guys I appreciate your comments. Oh and SpecialK, I know not everyone is drunk,so just calm down;)

  4. I don't know why part of my comment just disappeared but, anyways I like the comments guys. Keep em coming.

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  6. I completely understand as my ex is a RCMP officer, so I know where you are coming from. I also am not breaking any laws. I appreciate your comments. Cheers and the best of luck to you.