Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

Good day all.
I finished painting the kitchen yesterday and I decorated my tree in the tacky american style. Which means tons of ornaments and none of them match. Most of my ornaments were from both of my grandmothers you know all the old 40's and 50's german glass ones and mom...every year she stuck a new one in my stocking. As I decorated my tree I came across ornaments that I made with my girl friends...which brought back memories of listening to Adam Sandler sing his Hanukkah song, drinking rum and egg nogs while trying to decorate theses glass balls. Ahhh I miss you guys!!!I also came across one that my last german shepherd Kelsey had chewed...a smiling seal with a wreath wrapped around his neck. I wrote on the bottom of it chewed by Kelsey 199- either a 1 or a 2. That year she knocked over our X-mas tree, opened and ate a majority of the presents, barbies heads were chewed off and even a silver candelabra that was for my grandmother...she managed to chew the actual candle holder part off. She even ripped open boxes of chocolates, leaving the chocolates and eating the boxes. She ate poinsettia's and I remember the panic that happened afterward that our delinquent dog may be poisoned from the plants. She wasn't, and some how that dog who would take knives out of the knife block and chew the handles off never had a major accident or rush to the vet like my Ralphy has. Ahhh Kelsey I still miss you and your retarded ways. I also have my Dads bubble lights from the seventies which make this a complete retro tree. As I pulled stuff out of the rubbermaid bin I discovered Ralphs santa costume which he enjoyed strutting his stuff in, his tail wagged as soon as he saw it. So some of our stuff has not shown up, the movers are trying to locate it. I was pleased that a box of our brand new mec gear had shown though and the other half of K's bike.
Anyways I must get back to this chaos and try to post pics when its all done for now heres a couple of Ralph and our kitchen. Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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  1. Ahhhh....Kelsey. Chocolates....POTATOS!!!!! Running through your bedroom door. LOL That dog was dumber then Ralph (if thats even possible) but at least she didnt cost you as much lol.
    Glad to know K's bike made it...although I still dont understand where hes supposed to ride it! lol