Friday, December 4, 2009

Our house is ready!!!!!

Some pics of our caribou antlers:

Ralphy likes em!

Good morning all. So I'm completely excited to move into our house. I've enjoyed my stay at the Green Rows but its a damn hotel! It's a good one at that, the staff here are friendly and they even brought us a box of chocolates for Xmas which I of course devoured.( I know that when my mother reads this she'll be thinking about how is she going to fit in her wedding gown? LOL. Those of you who know my mom will get that.) I want my home:) I'm looking forward to getting our stuff and settling in. I've even got the graph paper going and figuring out the furniture lay out and what will be hung where. I can't wait to see what we actually brought with us. In the weeks before moving here I had so much going on from having my mom visit from Japan to making sure all our wedding stuff was ready for when we returned, I can't really remember what we've brought up from the pile of chaos that sat in our garage. As well we had to purchase new stuff so that we left our kitchen in Halfmoon Bay loaded with everything for when we came home or if any friends and family felt like having a little vacation. Back to the excitment of moving into the house....I've picked the paint colours and I'm all ready to go. I've asked Santa #1 (Dad) to send me some stuff from Ikea. Like a pendant lamp to replace the fake late 80's brass one thats hanging there, tormenting me with its reminders of the bad late 80's designs and of what the early 90's fake brass fad was going to bring. Guess who likes it???.....Special K of course, but we all know he'd be happy with a showroom created by zellers, whereas I want the mod italian contemporary home;) I've figured out a timeline for paint and I'm going to do something a little different in the bedroom I just haven't figured it out yet. Gross, the pump truck just came by and all I can smell is sewage....reminds me of the open sewers in Japan....yucky. Speaking of Japan I spoke with my mom last night and apparently theres a chance she may move back to Canada if a healthcare bill of sorts is passed. I couldn't really understand what she was talking about but it would end up costing thousands and thousands of dollars a year and she would have to pay back for previous visits which was what I really didn't understand. I hope for her sake nothing is passed as I know Japan is her home. Though I did tell her of Nunavut being a cash cow and how her education would land her a great job here. Yesterday I finished playing with the antlers for now and Ralph was all up in them, smelling like crazy and watching them like a hawk. Especially when I put them on my head and did a little dance, he seemed quite confused by this and he was growling and wagging his tail at the same time. I will mount these ones once we've moved and I have the space to do so. Apparently theres a free wood working shop class here on Wednesday nights so K and I are going to go. Its free and it gives us something else to do. We received our first package by foodmail and it was all of our produce, our milk exploded apparently so we will be getting another shipment later today. I have to say what a damn difference, the produce was like what I'd buy at Claytons or Marketplace IGA in Sechelt. From now on its food mail all the way. After paying some crazy prices for red and green peppers here I'm happy we have discovered foodmail. Foodmail is pretty basic, we send a fax of what we want and credit card# to sunspun and they get it at the Extra Foods, we place the order on a monday and it arrives thursday, at very little cost for shipping, thanks to the Department of Indian Affairs, I curse them for making it hard to buy booze but hey I love em if my fruit ain't moldy or mushy. From now on this is the way we will go. We also bought 2 heads of romaine and they are so fresh. We've had only iceberg as it was the only lettuce that is actually fresh here but unfortunately has no nutritional value. The head of romaine I bought here was 10 bucks and in the end it wasn't worth eatting. As well I found out my favourite spice place in the US will mail me my spices!!! Yay!!! To save on the shipping I will not be ordering their jarred spices but the bagged ones which are actually cheaper in the long run. So for those of you who like to cook check em out, and I recommend BBQ 3000. Now that its light out well like twilight I'm going to take the beast out for his walkie. Have a great weekend all. Oh and Happy Holidays! and Kassy answer your damn phone, even if it says private! I've tried to call you for a month!!! You call screener you!


  1. What! I'm so very jealous; I didn't know you could request to have your house painted..other than the off-white that covers all the walls.

  2. Oh no you can't request it!!! I wish!!! I'm doing it myself. When I was younger I had a part time painting job, now I can put those skills to work!

  3. I guess what I meant to say was "allowed" to paint your house. Is there alot of paperwork involved to get permission...not sure at this point in our time up here would we do something like that - but it would be interesting to let the next person coming into Kugaaruk know.

  4. pffft permission...sorry that's my personality shining through...I figure I'm here for a long time and this is my home so I'll make it my home... When it comes time to move I'll weigh the repaint versus saying goodbye to our deposit and go from there. The white is too much! And really theres enough white outside the majority of the year, I need to have a little colour on my walls, to me colour on my walls is just as important as my meds:)